a·dorn  əˈdôrn/  to enliven, decorate or add beauty to:  make  attractive, impressive, enhance appearance with beautiful objects.

  1. What is Adorned Spaces?
    Adorned Spaces is an entirely online interior design and renovation company offering a wide range of services for an affordable price. We offer clients fast, easy and stylish solutions ranging from decorating to complete renovations of kitchens and bathrooms. Work with your designer to create customized spaces that suit your needs, budget and timeline and create the home of your dreams!
  2. How is it different from other online design companies?
    We are the only 100% online interior design company that offers full service designer interior renovations of kitchens and bathrooms. Our design team works in Autocad and other architectural programs to create detailed, scaled and accurate fully designed spaces from stud to accessories. We offer more than your typical decorating company to help guide clients through complete renovation projects.
  3. What if I don't like the design?
    For clients peace of mind we offer our Happiness Guarantee to ensure all clients are 100% satisfied with their final design. If you don't like elements within your design package we will continue to work with you until we find the perfect combination that fits with your needs and style.
  4. How long will the process take?
    A typical design process for one room will take approximately 14 days from start to finish, where the client has finalized the design and is ready to purchase furnishings. Once the client has signed off on the design, our purchase concierge takes care of the rest. You will receive all items for your design within 2-4 weeks of purchase.
  5. How much will it cost?
    We offer a wide range of design packages to suit your individual needs, ranging from $79/room for a basic refresh to $399/room for our elite designer package.
  6. Will the designer take into account my budget?
    Yes, the designer will take into account your budget and timeline to complete the project. We will also work with the furnishing pieces you already have and would like to incorporated if requested.
  7. Who will purchase the furniture and accessories?
    As an added bonus we offer all clients complimentary purchasing service in every design package. Save time by purchasing the entire room from Adorned, while we purchase each individual item from various vendors for you. We take the stress and hassle out of shopping for you!
  8. Will I be able to make changes to the design?
    Absolutely! Clients work directly with their designer to create spaces that are custom suited to their tastes and needs. If you don't like a design element in your room, your designer will continue to work with you until you find something you love!

Please read our packages page for details.

  1. What if I'd like to return a product?
    Each vendor has a different return policy which we will inform you prior to agreement of purchasing any furnishings. All products in new condition with original packaging can be returned within 7 days of delivery. Vendors may charge restocking fees as well as shipping fees to send items back, please read all vendor policies prior to purchase of any furnishings and/or accessories.
  2. How do you determine prices for your products?
    Our policy is to use the original price of each item being purchased on our invoices. Unfortunately, we cannot predict if/when some retailers will host special flash sales so we are unable to accommodate special sale pricing. If you find a deal on an item we would be happy to give you our price match guarantee.
  3. How do you make money?
    Adorned Spaces earns a commission on the products you purchase, without ever marking up prices to clients. We offer clients specially curated designs and keep a portion of our designer discounts, while passing on a portion to the client.
  4. What if I'd like an in home consultation?
    We currently offer in home consultations in New York and Miami for an additional design fee of $100/hour for professional designers with 5+ years of experience in residential design. We are working to expand to more cities, please check for future updates!
  5. What is the maximum room size? What about open floor plans?
    Open floor plans can be tricky sometimes. The maximum rooms size for one package is 350 SF (or approximately a 16'x22' living room). We divide packages by the way the space is used. For instance, the living room area of an open floor plan is one considered one room, while the dining area or den of the open plan is considered a separate room.
  6. How can I trust I'm getting the lowest prices?
    Adorned has no hidden fees, and does not mark up our furniture. We charge clients the original retail price of furnishings, and offer clients a 100% Price Match Guarantee so you can rest assured you're getting a great deal!
  7. Will I get a floor plan and/or computer renderings?
    Depending on your selected package, you may receive a floor plan detailing the layout of your space with designer tips on furniture placement and accessories. For an additional fee of $99 you may also purchase computer renderings of your room to help you visualize how the design will come together.
  8. When will you tell me the final price per room?
    Once you have approved and finalized your room design, your designer will send you a shopping list of all the items within the space. This final price will include, taxes, shipping and delivery charges as well for each item, and the total for the entire room.
  1. Where are you sourcing the furnishings from?
    We source all of our furnishings from a variety of online vendors, incorporating your favorite stores selected in the style quiz. Such vendors include but are not limited to Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Nadeau, One Kings Lane, etc.
  2. How much will the delivery fee be?
    Each vendor has different delivery fees ranging from free to $199 for unlimited white glove delivery. We will never purchase a product without giving you the delivery fee and will work within your budget to ensure delivery costs will be as low as possible.
  3. Can I make changes after receiving my final design?
    After the final design is approved by you, and you have completed your shopping list purchase, our team immediately orders each furnishing from vendors. Therefore we are unable to accommodate changes after the orders have been submitted.
  4. How do I purchase items on the shopping list?
    Your designer will give you a shopping list in which you will select the items you wish to purchase, then you make one payment to Adorned to purchase all the items together. Our team will purchase all the items on your behalf from each individual vendor.
  5. How do I communicate with my designer?
    After you purchase your design package and complete the online style quiz, you will immediately start working with your designer on creating your custom design. For your convenience all communication takes place via email.
  6. Can I use your service outside of the United States?
    Unfortunately Adorned Spaces is currently only offering design services in the United States.
  7. Will I work directly with my designer?
    Absolutely! Once a design package is purchased you will start working directly with your designer to create the home of your dreams. All communication is done via email. If you would like in home consultation service, we offer professional designer services in Miami and New York for an additional $100/hour.
  8. How will the designer know exactly what I like?
    We use our quick and easy online style survey to get a snapshot of what you are looking for in your design, as well as a more detailed questionnaire of individual preferences that help guide our process. You upload photos of your existing space, along with photos of pieces of furniture you'd like to incorporate, as well as dimensions, and ceiling height. Your designer presents a design concept and you work together to create a final design you are in love with.